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August 18, 2020 3 min read

We are so happy to welcome you now you’re becoming a mama!

This is a special time in your life, and we’re honoured that you are sharing your pregnancy journey with us and trust us with your skin. What you put on your skin matters – to you and your bub – and we take our promises to you very seriously so you can travel safely throughout the next chapter of your life.

Some of you have been on this journey before and you know the importance of taking care of yourself. For others it’s your first time and you’re a bit nervous about what to expect. Either way, never has self-care been more prudent than when you’re “eating for two” and growing a new life inside you. What you put into your body and on your skin will affect the overall health of not only you, but your baby too. Also true if you’re planning on breastfeeding.

We have you covered at Bump & Babe. Arguably the FIRST skin care company to focus entirely on pregnant women and their special needs. We don’t make pregnancy skincare as just an afterthought and an extra stream of revenue. No. At Bump & Babe pregnant and breastfeeding women are our entire focus. YOU are our number ONE priority and will always be.

Why? Because when we (the co-founders of Bump & Babe) were pregnant we struggled with skin concerns that were difficult to solve because there just wasn’t any suitable and safe skincare around.

Acne, stretchmarks, dry itchy skin, hyperpigmentation, puffy eyes, and ankles. Sleepless nights leading to aging prematurely, indigestion and that kind of fun stuff too. Sound familiar? We’ve experienced it all, so we know firsthand what you’re going through too.

Finding the right skincare that is safe and effective is like searching for a damn unicorn that farts glitter.

With the limit of ingredients that are safe to use during pregnancy, we researched A LOT (one of us is a scientist specializing in formulation development) before we came to the realization that nature provides all the answers already. We only needed to explore the innate wisdom of the body and what it already naturally contains and uses in order to be healthy.

And that’s how we’re inspired to create a range of 100% safe skincare that contains no nasties (the list is looong, trust us). But there is another super important criterion pregnant mamas demand: skincare developed to be effective and give visible results fast. Otherwise, what’s the point, right?

We took the best from nature and proven by science for our formulations: vegan, natural, organic, and nature-identical ingredients that nourish and nurture the skin. Hydration is a must, so we included Hyaluronic Acid and AHAs to help with that specific problem in our anti-aging A List. Because who said that you can’t look after your skin using cutting edge products just because you’re pregnant? (You probably need it more than your friends who can get botoxed up, right?)

Then we took it a step further and created a serum that busts those blemishes, reduces pore size, and fades hyperpigmentation, all with the wonderful Vitamin B3, Niacinamide, together with a few other star ingredients. This little gem is every pregnant woman’s secret weapon to radiant skin.

Vitamin C is known to be critical in the production of collagen, so we dedicated a serum solely for that important task. Together with magical Folic Acid (which is vital to get more of during pregnancy) it has amazing benefits for your skin health too.

And finally, that itchy stretching skin on your belly? We got you covered with our ONE SHOT WONDER touted by everyone who uses it as a “miracle oil” made specially for bumps and to prevent and help fade those dreaded stretchmarks.

To make it easier on your pocket, we’ve created Bundle Packages, cover the shipping costs for orders over $100 and offer Afterpay so you can get your skin back on track immediately.

Bump & Babe invite you to nourish and nurture your precious skin with 100% pregnancy and breastfeeding safe skin care.

We love hearing from you. Never hesitate to reach out with questions or feedback. Bump & Babe is made for You, and if there is any way we can help, please give us a shout.

Be safe and be happy!