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Customer Reviews

Bump and Babe Pregnancy Skincare Customer Reviews

"I absolutely love the Bump and Babe anti-stretch mark oil, because it does exactly what you want it to do unlike some of the more popular oils and creams on the market. The bottle itself is beautifully labelled and generously sized and I particularly love the pump, as this reduces overuse and prevents getting any of the product on the outside of the bottle, making it oily the next time it’s used. The oil absorbs really well into the skin so I found I didn’t have to wait before putting on clothes, which in turn, prevents the product ending up on my clothes. This has been an issue for me with other similar products on the market. I was really impressed with is the difference in the appearance in my stretch marks in under a week. I have tried many oils and creams and I have never seen an improvement like this!!" - Lauren Niewand


"As a mother, I put so much love and energy into my babies and very little into myself, especially my skin (and let me tell you its showing)
As many people know, my journey to motherhood wasn't easy. I consciously changed many things in my life to live as cleanly and naturally as possible, which subsequently meant my skin took a back-seat... till now!
These products are not only pregnancy and breastfeeding safe but they are also so much more and they work! They are Vegan, Fragrance free, Paraben and Silicone free! "Clean beauty" skin care, but the most beautiful part of all, they are all made here in Perth" - Katherine Kotchie


'I’ve been using this serum for just shy of a week. It’s designed to reduce redness and combat that ever so frustrating hormonal acne that too often comes when pregnant!
My chin is my biggest problem area and I have to say, this serum should be called miracle oil!
After just 3 days of use, morning and night, I noticed that my chin was hardly red at all!
Fast forward to a few more days and I can proudly say I am also acne free! How incredible is that!! In just under a week this amazing serum has cleared me of my redness and hormonal acne all without damaging my skin and putting all kinds of nasties on it.
BONUS is that you also don’t need to use a massive amount. A lot of the time natural skin care requires a fair amount of product to be able to do its job but I found a pea sized drop was more than enough to cover my whole face leaving it feeling so smooth and hydrated!" - Leia Norford


"I've been using the three serums for one and a half weeks. I was applying them morning and night. I am totally impressed with the ingredients contained within this product. It leaves my skin feeling smoother, fresher and helps to reduce the visible red marks on my skin!  I definitely will keep continuing this skincare routine and can't wait to see the transformation on my skin" - Martha Lay



“I'm 4 days into using the One Shot Wonder Anti Stretch Mark Oil and oh my goodness it's amazing. I've been using it every morning after my shower. Baby boy goes crazy when I massage my belly, it leaves my stomach feeling super soft and also relieves some of the itchiness I've been feeling lately. I only wish I had gotten my hands on it sooner!” – Erin Rose


"I have been using all three serums morning and night for the past 2 weeks and my skin looks and feels amazing! No joke - I have had DM’s about my skin which I love for me! 💁🏽‍♀️ I particularly love the ‘A list cell reviver’ which has powerful AHA’s and Hyaluronic acid that helps to increase cell turnover and smooths fine lines and wrinkles" - Jade Ball