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FAQ - Your Questions Answered

Our most common questions about our products and ingredients are listed below. If you have any other questions not addressed here please send us an email at contact@bumpandbabe.com.au

We are proud to say that all our products are made in Australia, using Australian sourced natural and organic ingredients.  

We do – Bump and Babe is an Australian privately owned company and each batch is formulated and made by our co-founder who is cosmetic scientist with over 30 years of formulation development experience in the skincare and beauty industry.

Absolutely not. No bunny will ever suffer in the name of research, you have our 100% guarantee on this.

We hate nasty chemicals, harmful ingredients, and Endocrine Disruptors (EDs) also known as hormone disruptors. You will never find any harsh or damaging ingredients in any of our products.


Alcohol, Drying Aluminium /Alum Animal Derived Ingredients Benzalkonium Chloride Benzoyl Peroxide BHA & BHT Bisphenols (BPA /BPS) Butoxyethanol Butylene Glycol Carbon Black Dioxins Dyes Coal Tar Dyes Chemical Sunscreens (there are many) EDTA Endocrine (Hormone) Disruptors Essential Oils Ethanolamines (DEA/MEA/TEA) Formaldehyde Formaldehyde Donors Fragrance /Perfume /Aroma Gluten / Hydrolized Wheat GMO ingredients Heavy Metals Hydroquinone Mineral Oils Nut oils (including Tree Nuts) Parabens Petroleum Based / Petrochemicals PFAs and PFCs (Florinated chemicals) Phthalates (DBP/DEHP/DEP/DHP) Polyethylene Glycol (PEGs) Propylene Glycol Resorcinol Retinol or Retinoid Compounds Retinyl Acetate /Palmitate Salicylic Acid (BHA) Silicones Siloxanes Soy and Soy Derivatives Sulphates / Sulfates Talc Toluene Triclosan Triclocarban Vitamin A – ALL synthetic forms

We check each ingredient against industry “watchdog” sites for safety too:

EWG Database: www.ewg.org

The National Center for Biotechnology Information: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

(The list is by no means exhaustive and excludes obvious toxins that are prohibited in skincare anyway)

We follow Clean Beauty principles and that includes sustainability and ecological responsibility in everything we do.

As a small business we are very aware about our carbon footprint and work consciously towards making every part of our business ethical and sustainable. All packaging can and should be recycled.

The glass dropper bottles we use are recyclable and will not react with the active ingredients in the formulations. The plastic pump bottles are made from #2 HDPE which is considered safe, recyclable and is BPA free.

This is our speciality! You have come to the right place as our products are formulated and designed with YOU in mind. To give you healthy glowing skin and targeting specific skin concerns you might have during pregnancy and breastfeeding is what we are all about. You can trust and rely on us to give you skincare that is 100% safe for you and your baby, always.

Besides the negative connotations some aromas can have during pregnancy and make you feel sick, there is another reason we chose to eliminate all fragrance and essential oils. Known as Endocrine Disruptors, fragrance ingredients – including naturals like essential oils – play havoc with your hormones.

As much as we like things to smell good, we’ve eliminated all fragrance and essential oil ingredients because they can cause irritation on the skin and cause hormone disruption – enough reason to have no aroma at all.

What you smell in our products is the faint smell of the ingredients as listed only.

Bump and Babe has totally been formulated with sensitive skin in mind. Our ingredients are used at levels high enough to deliver on their promises but never at quantities that will sensitize your skin.

We also add ingredients to our formulations that combat irritation and calm and soothe the skin, like Allantoin which is in every single product for that purpose. Other soothing ingredients include Beta Glucan which will help reverse sensitivity if you already have that condition before using Bump and Babe products.

We use the EWG’s SKIN DEEP (www.ewg.org) scale as a barometer to check that each ingredient is safe, does not cause harm and is not sensitizing to human skin or organs. We care about your long-term overall health and therefore we’ll never use an ingredient that could potentially cause harm or irritate your skin.

The best product to start off with for sensitive skin is WAKE UP FACE to activate the collagen in your skin, strengthen it and make it more resilient. Add to that STAR PERFORMER

Then if you’re good with that, you can include the other 2 serums to your regime as well for the perfect skin care routine.

Yes, absolutely! Our products are formulated to help target skin concerns for every modern woman who invests in looking after her health and well-being. We take extra measures to research and formulate to make sure that our antiaging skincare range is totally safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, however it’s perfectly suitable for every stage of a woman’s life and you will have the assurance of no nasties you might want to avoid anyway.

That means it’s perfect for women who simply want clean beauty products that work! Our mission is to ensure every woman feels safe looking after their skin during her sisterhood journey - before, during or after pregnancy, or whatever stage of life you may be at.

Hella YES! Stretchmarks are caused by skin tearing and stretching due to many reasons – like growth spurts during teenage years, weight gain and weight loss, hormonal changes, and pregnancy.

The goodness that is in ONE SHOT WONDER will help all kinds of stretchmarks, regardless of how you got them. Of course, the sooner you start using it, the sooner you will see results.

It’s easier to prevent stretchmarks or erase them when caught early one. However, we’ve seen amazing results from those who have reduced their stretchmark scarring by consistently using the oil. Many happy women are calling it the Miracle Oil and have sent us before and after pictures to show how much ONE SHOT WONDER has helped them erase their stretchmarks. We are sincerely humbled by their gratitude, because that’s why we exist in the first place.

Vitamin A and all its cousins like retinoids, retinoic acid and other derivatives are antioxidant powerhouses well known for antiacne and antiaging benefits. But while you’re pregnant it is recommended to avoid topical us because of the potential effect they may have on the development of the foetus.

Having said that, naturally occurring Vitamin A in your food is assimilated by the body and doesn’t cause harm, so please don’t panic! Vitamin A is found in all dark green, yellow and red vegetables as well as red or yellow non-citrus fruits. It is also richly found in fish like sardines and cod, and in liver and fish oils. Your body and your baby needs this natural form of Vitamin A which are important biological molecules, which act in cell growth, and are vital in embryonic life for organ development. It is also key for visual function. 

It doesn’t mean you lose out on antioxidant goodness in Bump & Babe skincare though – there are many other potent antioxidants available that are perfectly safe to use during your pregnancy and while breastfeeding. And the good news is that we’ve included an abundance of them to help your skin without doing harm.

Ingredients like ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid), Vitamin C and E, Kale, Olive leaf and Kakadu Plum extracts, Omega rich organic, vegan oils that contain natural antioxidants like Evening Primrose and Jojoba, Green tea as well as powerful polyphenols Cranberry and Bilberry. These pack a serious punch to fight free radicals with enormous antiaging benefits as well as keeping your skin healthy and glowing. We’ve ensured that each of our products have an abundance of antioxidants to scavenge all those damaging free radicals.

What are Silicones? They are synthetic chemicals that may contain impurities. Their main function in skincare is to give slip so that products glide onto the skin and instantly feel soft and smooth. (Ikr. Why are so many great things bad for us?)

Besides the coveted slippery feel, silicones form an occlusive layer on the skin - this means it blocks the skin from breathing and may trap unwanted substances like impurities, bacteria, dirt as well as sweat and sebum underneath the occlusive layer. 

For acne-prone skin, silicones are bad news as they may clog pores and act as a 'barrier' to trap oil, dirt, and dead skin cells, making acne worse and encourage blackheads and blemishes to form.

Some silicones are volatile, meaning they disappear into the atmosphere after application.

Silicones may also block other active ingredients from absorbing into the skin - that's why some products just don't deliver on their promises and makes them less effective. We've crossed out that sticky problem by eliminating all silicones so that 100% of the active ingredients in our products are available for the benefit of your skin.

Silicones slow down cell turnover: It traps dead skin cells and makes it harder for your skin to shed dead layers leading to dull skin, breakouts, and clogged pores.

Silicone is bad for the environment as it is not bio-degradable and is non-recyclable. Like plastic, it takes a very long time to decompose.

At Bump and Babe we use only natural and organic oils that allow the skin to breathe, bring a multitude of nourishing and beneficial factors to the skin, and are good for the environment.

Mineral oil (also known as liquid paraffin) is a by-product of petroleum based chemical processes.

It’s cheap and is mainly used as a filler or a solvent. It does nothing for your complexion other than sit on top of the skin as an occlusive layer that leaves the skin feeling greasy.

Being occlusive means the chemical oil blocks skin cells and doesn’t let it breathe. In our opinion healthy skin should always be allowed to breathe and function as intended as it is the largest organ of the human body after all.

Other petroleum-based ingredients used in skincare include petroleum jelly (or petrolatum) derived from the word “petrol” which is what you put in your car’s engine, not on your skin!

Another concern with petroleum-based ingredients is that they usually contain all kinds of contaminants that contribute to non-reproductive organ system toxicity – a great reason to avoid these altogether in your skincare.

At Bump and Babe we use natural and organic oils instead that nourish the skin and are beneficial to the overall health of your skin. The natural and organic oils are rich in phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which leave your skin healthy and glowing.

So get a helping of our favourite oils: Argan, Jojoba, Coconut, Evening Primrose, Rosehip, Grapeseed, Rice Bran, Virgin Olive, Apricot Kernel, and others that richly nourish and condition the skin.

Dry skin is usually also dehydrated skin, meaning there is a lack of moisture in the skin as well as a compromised lipid barrier that is unable to hold the moisture in the skin.

Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate.

You’ve heard that mantra more than once. However, just putting water on your skin isn’t going to really help. You know what happens when you stay in the bath too long – your skin goes wrinkly, right? That is dehydration in action.

So how do you hydrate so that the moisture stays INSIDE your skin layers? Glad you asked.

Our 2-step approach will solve your dry skin hassles in no time.

Use WAKE UP FACE Serum #1 every morning to boost collagen production in your skin so that your skin is plumped and fresher.

The Vitamin C in WAKE UP FACE is essential in the biochemical pathway to making more collagen, so why not help nature a little by using this serum as part of your morning routine? You could also eat more broccoli or citrus fruits, but you’re not going to see faster results than if you religiously apply your WAKE UP FACE with stable Vitamin C every day!

The second step is using THE A LIST Serum #2 every evening. The combination of AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) and Hyaluronic Acid packs a punch in hydrating your skin and protecting it from further moisture loss. Keeping the moisture you already have in your skin and then boosting hydration with these A List ingredients is a sure way to balance the moisture in your skin and revive every cell.

For more info on each product, visit our product page.

Check out our DUO Package specially for Dry & Dehydrated skin types and save yourself $25 when you buy both. Your skin will thank you!

Oily and Combination skin is usually a result of overstimulated oil glands, which may include acne breakouts when you want them least (is there ever a good time for blemishes?)

However, oily skin is usually dehydrated – meaning it doesn’t have enough moisture in the deeper layers of the skin. Over-scrubbing your skin with mechanical exfoliants and face masks too regularly can exacerbate the problem.

The SECRET to fixing oily skin or T-panels? To NOT strip the skin from all oils! Counterintuitive and not what you’ve heard before from others. But why? Stripping the natural oils leaves the skin extremely vulnerable to infections like acne, messes with the natural acid mantle of the skin (the perfect pH for healthy skin) and interferes with the natural microbiome of the skin.

SO, what then is the correct solution for oily skin types? What your skin needs and is crying for is extra hydration to BALANCE the oiliness. Make sense? Most skincare companies advocate getting rid of the oils with harsh solvents. We DON’T. Instead we encourage you to add more moisture to make up for the lack in your skin to balance the excess oils.

Paired with Niacinamide & Hyaluronic Acid, there's a reason we called Serum # 3 STAR PERFORMER.

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) helps strengthen the lipid barrier by increasing the production of both keratin and ceramides that help retain moisture in the skin naturally, therefore leading to more hydrated skin cells which balances the oiliness.

Another superpower Niacinamide has, is to minimize pore size. As if oily skin isn't hard enough to deal with, larger pores are often another curse of this skin type.

Niacinamide helps regulate the amount of oil the sebaceous glands produce and prevents your glands from going into overdrive, again bringing the balance you need.

The 3 D Hyaluronic Acid we use in this formula is worth it's weight in gold. Moisture aka hydration is locked into the skin via a matrix formed on the surface of the skin that holds 1000x it's weight in water (Gold, right?) and hydrates the skin throughout the day or night.

Fruit Acids (AHAs) removes build-up of dead skin cells and scarred tissue and prevents acne breakouts. Also excellent for cleaning out debris and bacteria from clogged pores  to minimize white and blackheads for a clearer complexion.

The best products for oily / combination skin types and acne prone skin are Serum #3: STAR PERFORMER with Niacinamide, Hyaluronic Acid & ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) & THE A LIST with AHAs & Hyaluronic Acid (and TONS of other goodies, of course!)

Check it out here & SAVE $25 on a Duo Package:

Hyperpigmentation is when dark patches appear on the skin seemingly overnight. Some people attribute them to sun damage, which is only part of the story. Hormones play a big role in triggering hyperpigmentation and that’s why these dark patches suddenly appear when you’re pregnant.

These marks can be stubborn and difficult to get rid of, and that’s why we recommend a regime of 3 of the most powerful ingredients to lighten and brighten the skin.

First, you’d need Serum #1 WAKE UP FACE with Vitamin C (the stable form) that helps to produce new collagen to support your skin. Vitamin C also acts as a skin lightener on those dark patches and will reduce their appearance with every application

Second, a lashing of Serum #2 THE A LIST is needed to slough off the dead skin cells, especially those of the blemished dark patches of skin that sometimes have a thicker texture to the rest of your skin. The AHAs in this serum also help with the production of new skin cells to quickly replace those hyperpigmented ones you no longer want around.

Thirdly, your skin will benefit from Serum #3 STAR PERFORMER used every night.

The Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) is well known for its skin lightening properties and is great to fight hyperpigmentation.

Check out our special discounted BUNDLE LET’S FACE IT Trio Pack that contains all 3 of these products so we can save you some money.

During pregnancy your hormones are all over the place even worse than your teenager years. This means acne breakouts even though you're an adult and hoped you'd left those teenage problems behind you.

To properly treat acne problems, you need a 2 step approach:

Get rid of dead skin cells and clogged poresStrengthen your skin and give it lots of love

This might not be the same hard approach you've heard from other sources, but we've had firsthand experience of how it makes a lasting difference and everyone who has used our method swears by it. It's time you take a new approach on handling acne too.

First you need to deep cleanse the pores where debris and toxins build up, inflammation is instigated and acne breeds like the plague. For this step you need the power of Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) which are safe and gentle on your skin during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Btw, did you know that long term AHAs are more effective than BHAs (Salicylic Acid = Aspirin) which is not recommended during pregnancy?  

The 2 Steps for BEST results:

Serum #2: The A LIST - use every eveningSerum #3: STAR PERFORMER - use morning and evening

The fruit acids (AHAs) in THE A LIST work hard to slough off dead skin cells and all the rubbish that accumulate with it, then help to produce new healthy skin cells. That's win/win in our book!

Buuut that's not all ... Enter Serum #3: STAR PERFORMER which has the starring role as "blemish buster".

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) is a natural acne controller, especially inflammatory forms like papules and pustules. With daily application you'll see fewer lesions and improved skin texture, tighter pores and less redness.

We've added other beneficial vegan and natural ingredients into both these serums to calm and soothe your angry blemished skin.

Read more in each product description.

Plus, just for you, we’ve made a BUNDLE with these 2 products to zap that pesky acne and to save you some moola. How sweet is that? Get $25 OFF this DUO Pack now: The A List PLUS Star Performer


DUO #1: Wake Up Face & The A List Serums

Recommended for Dry & Dehydrated Skin Types

Excellent for premature aging skin

Activates collagen which restores skin elasticity

Revives skin cells and boosts hydration

Increases the rate of skin cell renewal for fresh dewy complexion

Reduces fine lines and wrinkles from first application


DUO #2: Wake Up Face & Star Performer Serums

Recommended for Sensitive Skin Types

Gentle yet potent actives

Collagen is activated which strengthens skin to be more resilient

Calms and soothes irritated skin and reduces redness

Balances skin to become healthy and radiant and less reactive

Pollution defender & blue light corrector


DUO #3: The A List & Star Performer Serums

Recommended for Oily & Combination Skin Types

Excellent for Acne & Blemish prone skins

Balances skin to fix excessive oiliness and prevent breakouts

Anti-inflammatory action reduces acne and blemishes

Unclogs pores and prevents congestion that causes white and blackheads

Minimises pore size and reduces blotchiness

Fades hyperpigmentation, red marks, and scars

Get $25 OFF RRP if you get any of the DUO Package Deals

Each of the 3 serums have specific actions that target different skincare problems. Used individually they hone in on acne, blemishes, hyperpigmentation, skin brightening, anti-aging, reducing pore size and other skin worries.

Benefit layering happens when all 3 serums are used together to get the best results. Some of the active ingredients are multitaskers, so they address multiple problems and work synergistically to give outstanding results.

Anti-aging is a great example. The Vitamin C and Folic Acid (Wake Up Face) are collagen activators that increase skin elasticity and work with AHAs (The A List) to speed up cell turnover and Niacinamide (Star Performer) to restore radiance and skin brightness.

Wake Up Face with Vitamin C & Folic Acid

COLLAGEN ACTIVATOR - anti-aging to firm skin


The A List with AHA & Hyaluronic Acid

CELL REVIVER - increases cell turnover


Star Performer with Niacinamide, ALA & Hyaluronic Acid

BLEMISH BUSTER - fights acne & hyperpigmentation

How you choose your Serum, depends on several factors.

Skin type.

Different skin types will react better to each of the serums.


Oily, Combination & Acne prone skin:

Serum #2 THE A LIST

Serum #3 STAR PERFORMER with Niacinamide is recommended.


Dry & Dehydrates skin:

Serum #1 Wake Up Face 

Serum #2 The A List Serums


Sensitive skin:

Wake Up Face & Star Performer Serums


Skin problem.

Specific ingredients in each serum target specific problems.

Let’s look at the main ones in each serum.


Serum #1 WAKE UP FACE - Collagen Activator


What it is good for:

Dull & dry, flaky skin  

Loss of elasticity

Appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

Uneven skin tone


Serum #2 The A LIST - Cell Reviver


What it is good for:

Loss of skin firmness

Dead skin cells accumulate and cause dullness

Clogged pores

Dehydrated, wrinkled skin


Serum #3 STAR PERFORMER - Blemish Buster


What it is good for:

Acne & blemishes

Unclogging pores

Hyperpigmentation & redness

Reducing pore size

We love helping mamas all over the world, so the good news is - YES, we do ship internationally.

Due to Covid-19 there might be flight delays, quarantine periods and cancellations which are beyond our control, but we do our best to get your parcels to you as soon as possible.  Shipping international orders will take a little longer to arrive, but hang in there, babe, as your special skincare will be worth the wait.